Repair with pink


Repair with pink, one-of-its-kind charitable campaign that will help us win the fight against breast cancer in a way unlike any other.

Fast Feet Shoe Repair proudly introduces Repairwithpink, a line of bold pink heels and soles that are hand cut and custom-fit by our expert craftsman's  onto any women’s or men’s shoes, making a subtle but powerful statement that the war on breast cancer is still raging and we must continue to support the research until we find a cure. 
10 % of the proceeds from the sales of Repairwithpink are donated directly to a breast cancer foundation to support breast cancer research, patient care, education, and prevention.

We want people to ask why we wear Pink heels and or soles.  We want people to remember that the fight is not over.  Both women and men can get pink heels and soles placed on their favorite shoes to show solidarity in the fight against breast cancer this October in support of all those past and present - grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends - who have fought, and continue to fight, breast cancer.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Together, we can ensure better odds for future generations of women.

Please check back regularly for updates on our progress.
Thank you.

Fast feet crew